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Today, these oysters are grown on farms, but the pearls produced are of high quality supreme.water pearls are produced by mussels that are introduced into the sandy bottoms of rivers, lakes and streams. Like saltwater pearls, mussels produce water pearls are also grown. In most places, "hunting" to harvest mussels pearls is illegal because of the havoc it can cause in the ecosystem.

One can immediately tell the difference between a pearl best aloe juice and saltwater by their appearance. While saltwater pearls are, or should be, completely round, water pearls have a bulging shape, similar potato. Usually, water pearls are described as out of the round, egg, or baroque, and come with a more affordable price tag because of this irregular shape.

The colors of water pearls span the rainbow. While saltwater pearls come in a wide range of colors, best aloe juice pearls usually take on the hue of the mussel shell. water pearls can range from the traditional white, cream and pink more unusual shades like lavender and copper. Although these latest colors tend to increase the price of water pearls, the color of choice is purely at the whim of the buyer.

Many potential buyers of pearls have the misconception that the water pearl is not "real". This is completely false, as both best aloe juice and saltwater pearls are equally authentic. The choice between the two depends on the tastes and budget of the user. Some people enjoy irregular shapes and special colors baroque water, where others want the White offers classic round pearl saltwater.




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